Miska Location MapLocation: 32G/14, Daubrée, Opémisca, Lamark and Dolomieu Townships; 20 km west of Chapais. 

Ownership: 88 claims owned 100% by LaSalle totalling 4840 hectares

TargetIntrusion related gold (+ copper) 

HighlightsThe Property lies in the pressure shadow of the Opemiska Pluton covering volcanics and gabbro sills of the Roy Group, geological environment similar to the old mines of the Chapais mining district located 20km east of the Property. Numerous gold anomalous values are reported in the Property surroundings associated to sericite alteration, porphyries, quart veins or chloritic schist. Numerous NE faults sub-parallel to the known gold-bearing Gwillim and Lamark mineralising faults.


Miska Location Map

Miska Compilation Map