Parent Lode

Location32C/11, Ducros Township; 35 km north of the town of Senneterre.parent lode

Ownership12 claims owned 100% by LaSalle for a total of  688 hectares.

TargetIntrusion related/Shear zone gold

HighlightsThe Parent Lode Property was acquired through map designation to cover a series of Input anomalies on the poorly explored northern contact of the Montguay pluton.


Favourable Geological Context of the Parent Lode Property:

•Located on the rim of the Montguay Pluton
•Numerous Input anomalies suggest the presence of sulphides also observed in the area
•Several gold showings in the area including the Destiny deposit (0,6 Moz Au)
•NW structure interpretated on the eastern side of the Pluton
•Access provided by forestry roads


Parent Lode